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ProFab Port Lincoln has an Engineer on staff who is well experienced in the Construction Industry. Our Engineer will review your Council Approved building plans and prepare budget estimates or a firm quotation. Once accepted by you, workshop drawings will be prepared to enable the fabrication of the Structural Steel components for your project.

Also, our qualified Boilermakers have many years’ experience in the fabrication of Structural Steel components.

ProFab Port Lincoln can provide assistance with the erection of the Structural Steel components on your building site, if required.

ProFab Port Lincoln provides Structural Steel components including:

  • Columns

  • Lintels

  • . Beams

  • Portal Frames

  • Purlins

  • Wind Bracing

  • Site Welding

  • Other structural components specified by your architect/builder

Call us today or bring/email your building plans and you will be well on your way to start the building process.

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